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Continuing with our previous article, our team at Hershey Law will delve more in-depth into the subject of workplace harassment. Being the number one workplace harassment attorney in California, it becomes staggering to realize how many people do not understand their rights. Instead of reporting unwanted and unacceptable behavior, employees leave their job or allow themselves to become humiliated.


Knowledge is power. So, let us continue.


You’ve decided to take action. Now what?

Regardless of the type of harassment occurring, deciding to take action is the first step in stopping the abuse. Whether sexual, religious, racial or any other category of harassment, hiring a workplace attorney will bring peace of mind. With experience and legal knowledge, your attorney will listen, thoroughly examine the facts, and guide you through the proper channels and processes to stop the situation. Which, of course, opens the door of fearing retaliation. 


Workplace Retaliation and the Results

Many people are afraid to report workplace harassment due to the fear of retaliation, which is a justified reaction. However, retaliation is a form of harassment, and you are protected from it and its results as well.


Retaliation harassment happens when someone takes revenge on someone who “tattles” on inappropriate behaviors. The hope is to keep them from doing it again. Retaliation can happen from employee to employee or authority figure to an employee. 


In most cases, retaliation happens when an employee makes a legally protected complaint, and the employer wishes to punish them for it. Actions can include anything from demoting the employee to firing them or a subtle action, such as a job transition into a less advantageous position. 


Any adverse action that would inhibit someone from making a complaint is illegal retaliation and is prohibited by federal law.


The EEOC can be called to investigate any time a claim of discrimination or harassment is made. If the EEOC finds the claim valid, they can either pursue a lawsuit or release the claim to further legal action. You are free to call an attorney and file a suit if such happens. 


In 2017 there were 32,023 investigated reports of workplace retaliation alone by the EEOC and 84,253 total charges of on-the-job harassment. You are not alone, and you have the right to a safe, comfortable workplace.


Steps to take before filing a workplace harassment complaint.


If you are a victim of workplace harassment, talking to a supervisor or someone in human resources to make an official written report is the first step. The EEOC requires this report should they get involved.


Once you file the complaint, your employer takes steps to ensure the harassment stops. If it continues or gets worse, you can call the EEOC to explore the next steps. Remember, there is a time limit for filing a charge, so don’t sit around and wait. Be sure you follow the policies and procedures in your company.


workplace harassment attorney

Finding the solution with the number one workplace harassment attorney in California.

However, you may feel the need for guidance and validation along the way during this time. We at Hershey Law are here for you, and our team of workplace attorneys cares about your rights. It’s time to take a stand against workplace harassment and turn the statistics around. 


You can defend your rights and protect others from the same harassment by calling Hershey Law for your free consultation today.