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As the top-rated law firm, Hershey Law focuses exclusively on a broad range of employment law cases in California. Our board-certified lawyers have years of collective experience representing employees in employment law matters involving retaliation, sexual harassment, wrongful termination, and more.

Working closely with Los Angeles employees victimized by their employers, we understand the toll unethical workplace practices can take. Our extensive expertise in state and federal employment laws provides you with the most efficient and tenacious representation you need to fight and win against big names.

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The Right Time to Call Hershey Law for Your Employement-related Case is Now!

Complex workplace disputes are challenging, especially when employees lack knowledge of the state’s laws.

Are you wondering when to involve our Los Angeles employment attorneys in your case? Some incidents warrant immediate action and consulting our Los Angeles employment lawyers. 

  • Hostile Working Conditions 

Experiencing dangerous conditions or a lack of proper safety measures at work? Your safety should never be compromised. As per California’s Occupational Safety and Health Act (Cal/OSHA), a safe workplace is a right, not a privilege. 

  • Unfair Treatment and Bias 

If you have been mistreated due to race, gender, age, or any protected characteristic, it is time to stand up. The FEHA (California Fair Employment and Housing Act) protects all employees from workplace harassment. If you suspect you are a victim, document incidents and contact our Los Angeles employment attorney for guidance.

  • Prevalent Workplace Bullying 

Whether it is a comment, a touch, or a pattern of behavior that makes you uncomfortable, no one should tolerate workplace harassment. The FEHA Act gives you the right to report harassment and claim damages. 

  • Violation of State’s Minimum Wage Policy 

The minimum wage in California is $15.50, and in some cities, it is around $16. If you receive less than the minimum wage or your employer is not paying you for working overtime, the Fair Labor Standards Act deems it illegal. If you have discrepancies in your payment, consult our attorney for wage and hour claims. 

  • False Allegations 

You have a case if you believe you have been a victim of false allegations or retaliation, and it impacted your financial or mental health. Every action that your employer takes against you must be lawful and just. And if it is not, you can file a complaint with our qualified employment law attorney.

We Help You Get the Closure You Need and Compensation You Deserve 

Feeling targeted and unsafe in the workplace can be exhausting and should not be an option for you. Our employment and labor law attorneys can help relieve your stress by bringing closure to your legal issues. 

Whether it is retaliation or a harassment employment law claim, we can resolve all workplace disputes. Hershey Law understands the tactics such employers play to stay at large from the punishments and penalties. And that is how we have successfully recovered more than $1.4 million in settlements for California employees.

No matter how big or influential your employer is, we vigorously fight for your rights to get you fair compensation and, above everything, justice.

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Do you want to report a workplace dispute that has affected you financially, mentally, or physically? Get in touch with our responsive labor attorneys at (310) 929-2190 for consultation.

Tell us what happened, and know how you can best hold the perpetrators accountable for their wrongdoings. From helping you recover the damages to reinstatement of your job, we strive to win the best awards for you. 

Filing a case against your employer does not require paying thousands of dollars upfront, as we work on a contingency fee basis. Pay us when we win the case. Contact us for more details about our services.

Our Services

Wage & Hour Disputes

Does your employer owe you unpaid wages? Are you not being paid for overtime? Perhaps you are fighting for the wages you are entitled to receive? Hershey Law in Los Angeles offers a deep understanding of employment law. Additional to wage and hour laws, lunch break law violations commonly occur in California.


Discrimination happens when an employer or supervisor treats one person differently than another based on protected characteristics such as race, color, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, religious beliefs, gender identity, and age. Gender discrimination can also be in the form of offering less pay to a woman.


Harassment lawsuits are often the product of discrimination, stalking, malicious behavior, and other forms of harassment. Usually, workplace harassment cases target race, color, national origin, ancestry, gender, religion, religious practice, age, disability, or sexual orientation.


A ‘whistleblower’ exposes information within a company or organization that is illegal, fraudful, unsafe, illicit, or abusive. The federal government and many states have laws protecting whistleblowers from retaliation for filing a claim or reporting a violation.

Wrongful Terminaiton

Individuals are too often fired or terminated illegally without reason. At Hershey Law, we offer free consultations for employment law, discrimination, and wrongful termination cases in Los Angeles & Southern California to help you receive what may be owed.


Delivered in various forms, retaliation is any adverse employment action unlawfully taken against an employee including, but not limited to: Termination, Demotion, Performance Improvement Plans, Write-Ups, Change in Schedule, Reduction of Hours…

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Liza Boeri
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"I had such a pleasant experience working with everyone at Hershey Law. Taking the step to hire a lawyer can feel intimidating and daunting but from the first call I had with Brennan, he put my mind at ease and I could tell he truly cared. The process was smooth from start to finish. I am very happy with the outcome and I can't thank the team enough for being so kind, communicative and transparent!!"
Denis Shepherd
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"I’m so grateful for Hershey Law! I was in a really difficult situation during the pandemic and didn’t have any options. I went to Hershey Law and they helped me save thousands of dollars and I even gained some money that wasn’t expecting! Turns out I was actually owed money!! The matter was handled efficiently within a quick time frame. I felt extremely supported and protected. Hershey Law has become my go-to for any legal help or advice. Can’t thank them enough."
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"Normally I do not rate Law Firms, but here is one for Hershey's Law. Santiago súper professional, on point, think he works late all the time because he's so on top of his work. Thank you to Santiago and the staff who works with him. Very professional firm. The best part is they have everything organized and they are friendly. Giving this firm a 5 whopping . Keep up the good work."
Angela H.Yelp Review
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"The team at Hershey Law really took care of me when I was going through a tough time. They were empathetic, listened to me, and valued my input when working on my case. They truly care about you. Brennan and Santiago were the best, but everyone I interacted with was awesome. My case was tough because of the nature and they were kind and still got me a wonderful outcome so I could move on with my life. Cannot say enough good things, don't hesitate to hire this team."
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I am very thankful and happy that I followed reviews in choosing Hershey Law as my lawyers! Being injured, I couldn't drive and Brennan came and met me at my house. He made me feel comfortable, taken care of and relieved a lot of stress from my incident. Even with all we've/are living through with the pandemic and everything else 2020 has brought, my care, health and case never suffered nor did I feel neglected. They were always available to answer my questions. It was great to deal with a local law firm where I felt personally taken care of. Jonny was a great lawyer and helped me through the whole case. The office staff...Jesse, Santiago and Blanco were a pleasure to deal with!
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"I had a great experience working with Brennan and the Hershey Law team. I was in a bad car accident and had bad PTSD from it, they took care of everything for me and answered my calls and texts at all hours of the day and made me feel extremely cared for. They fought for me and I ended up with a very generous settlement. Excellent experience!"