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“There’s nothing in the sea this fish would fear. Other fish run from bigger things. That’s their instinct. But this fish doesn’t run from anything. He doesn’t fear” – Peter Benchley, Jaws.

Here at Hershey Law, we are not afraid to go up against the largest corporations for our clients. The shark in our logo symbolizes our drive and desire to fight for individuals who deserve justice, no matter who or what may stand in our way. If you’re looking for strong legal representation and a firm that truly cares about your rights as an employee, we are the team to call.


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Confidential Settlement against Government Entity

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Confidential Settlement against fortune 500 Company

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$ 1.1M

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Confidential Settlement against Property management Company

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Welcome to Hershey Law Firm, your first choice when hiring legal help.

Hershey Law fights for the rights of employees in California. Our firm represents employees individually or in class action lawsuits against employers throughout the state. With a proven track record of obtaining millions of dollars in settlements and jury awards on behalf of our clients, Hershey Law is proud to be one of the most successful law firms engaged in protecting workers’ rights in Los Angeles, CA, and the surrounding area. 

We know that state and federal employment laws are complex and it can be intimidating to bring a suit forward. Even a strong case requires experienced counsel who will guide you through all aspects of the employment law claim, from filing all the way to litigation if necessary. At Hershey Law, we take pride in having a team of dynamic and fearless, yet compassionate employment attorneys who understand that every client deserves a knowledgeable advocate.

Here at Hershey Law, we are not afraid to take on the most powerful corporations, defending your interests with a tactical approach that will get results. The shark in our logo symbolizes our drive and desire to fight for individuals who deserve justice, no matter who or what may stand in our way.

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At Hershey Law, we offer unparalleled representation for employees whose rights have been violated. From free consultations about employment disputes to settlement negotiations and courtroom battles, our Los Angeles employment attorneys will fight for YOU. Our professionalism and strong advocacy put us in a unique position of ability to achieve exceptional results.

When you hire Hershey Law, you can rest assured knowing that you are working with the most skilled and determined labor lawyers around.

We represent employees in all types of employment law matters, which include:

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You’re only one call away from pursuing justice.

In just over 5 years of practice, Hershey Law has obtained millions of dollars in compensation for employees across the entire state of California. Through our strategic and well-thought-out approach, our firm has earned a reputation for getting the desired results.

Our success comes from our unwavering commitment to providing top-notch service to each of our clients. Every employee deserves to receive fair treatment and have their rights protected. It is our mission to provide you with a team of Los Angeles employment lawyers who truly care about your specific needs. The results speak volumes about our dedicated staff and unmatched expertise.

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We have recovered millions of dollars in employment law claims for everything from sexual harassment and age discrimination to wage and hour disputes.

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You’ll always feel like a valued client at Hershey Law.

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Our lawyers have been recognized as “Rising Stars” by Super Lawyers.

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