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At Hershey Law, we review and negotiate the severance agreement terms before an employee agrees to accept it. Employers don’t always act in the best interest of departing employees and may draft one-sided contracts that also violate the Employment Act.

Our seasoned attorneys fiercely support you during these challenging times by ensuring the agreement does not waive your essential rights. We also help you calculate your severance pay and other benefits you may be eligible to receive, which means you can secure a fair amount from your employer.

The Purpose of Severance Agreements for California Employees

Also known as a separation agreement, the severance package governs the terms of an employee’s termination. These legal documents outline the lump sum severance payment and other severance benefits you will get in exchange for surrendering the opportunity to sue your former employer or take other legal actions against them.

Though it may seem like these agreements are only beneficial for employers, they can be equally advantageous for employees who understand and negotiate the terms with the help of our professional attorneys.

Types of Severance Agreement Disputes

While these contracts are created to prevent employee-employer conflict, they are usually the source of disputes. The most common types of severance agreement issues include:

Pay Problems

Sometimes, the offered severance is different from what you deserve. The calculations could be messy, or clauses might restrict your future earnings.

Confidentiality and Non-Compete Clashes

Overly broad non-compete clauses can choke your career options, so disagreements over the duration and scope of these restrictions can erupt.

Benefits Bust-ups

The employer may deny or limit your access to benefits such as retirement plans or vacation time. It can result in eligibility disputes.

Unlawfully Waiving Rights

Unintended surrender of legal claims like discrimination or wrongful termination could lurk in hidden clauses, which can result in a legal battle. Also, signing the agreement under pressure or without legal guidance can throw its validity into question.

Resolving a severance agreement dispute becomes challenging if you accept the contract with its terms. When you appoint our lawyers to review the confidentiality agreement, we protect you from all the pitfalls. Dial 310-929-2190 to schedule an appointment and understand the separation agreement in detail.

We Help You Get Maximum Benefit from the Severance Agreement

The journey after your employment ends can be financially and mentally exhausting. However, a severance agreement can act as the support you need during such challenging times. Here’s what our employment attorneys do to ensure the contract is equally favorable for you as it is for your employer.

Reviewing and Analyzing Termination Agreement

Our legal team thoroughly reviews the severance packages, ensuring clarity and identifying potential risks. We focus on non-disclosure, non-compete clauses, and other critical elements to provide a clear understanding of the agreement’s terms.

Negotiating for Better Severance Pay and Benefits

We have a team of skilled negotiators who work to secure the most advantageous severance pay and benefits for you. We strive to maximize financial aspects, whether it is extending medical benefits, additional compensation, or other perks, aligning with your needs and industry standards.

Identifying and Asserting Potential Legal Claims

We determine circumstances leading to your termination, such as exploring potential legal claims against the employer. From wrongful termination to discrimination, we assert these claims strategically during negotiations to safeguard your rights.

Drafting Counter-Proposals and Revisions

To craft persuasive counter-proposals, our legal team revise the severance agreement terms that address your concerns. We aim to ensure the final agreement is fair and comprehensive.

Contact Hershey Law to Receive a Fair Severance Package

Don’t want your employer to decide your future with a severance agreement? Take charge of the situation with our attorneys. We review your employment details including pay and benefits you are entitled to receive as per the governing law.

Additionally, we negotiate with your employer for your rights and advocate for your best interests. Do not leave your financial future to chance. Secure it today by booking a free consultation with our Employment team.

Navigating Transitions: Decoding Severance Agreements

Transitions in employment require careful consideration. Explore our blogs to gain a deeper understanding of severance agreements, negotiation strategies, and the legal aspects involved. Empower yourself to make informed decisions during times of professional change.

If you require legal expertise in any area of California employment law, please reach out to request a free consultation.