Hiring A Discrimination Lawyer for Workplace Harassment

Workplace discrimination happens around age, disability, ethnicity, origin, political beliefs, race, religion, sex, etc. Whatever the situation may be, the factors are irrelevant to a person’s competence or suitability for the job and should never be tolerated. Unfortunately, as a discrimination lawyer, we see these instances happen all too often.


California law prohibits workplace discrimination and harassment.


At Hershey Law, our team is here to help you understand your rights and get through a difficult and often emotional time. Here, we’re giving you an inside look at what you should know about discrimination in the California work environment.


Employers are required to take reasonable steps towards preventing harassment.

All California workplaces must prohibit sexual harassment, gender harassment, harassment based on pregnancy, childbirth, nursing, other medical conditions, and so on. As an employer, you are required to provide information to each employee on the nature, illegality, and legal remedies applying to such actions. The employer may develop this documentation so long as it meets the standards outlined in California Government Code section 12950.

Furthermore, if a company has five or more employees, training for each employee is also required. This training covers the prevention of sexual harassment, including harassment based on gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation. While it’s nearly impossible to control every action of your employees, it is imperative that steps are taken to educate and prevent such actions as much as possible.


Workplace discrimination extends from the application submittal to releasing an employee of their duties and everything in between.



Discrimination versus Harassment

Harassment is a form of discrimination that falls into several categories. For example,  harassment could be defined as unwelcome behavior by a supervisor, manager, co-work, or even a client. These acts or behaviors are generally targeted at a single individual and are usually offensive.

Discrimination occurs when a person treats one or more people of a specific class less favorably than others, not in the same class.


It’s also prohibited to retaliate against a person who reports another person for participating in such acts.


If you are or know someone that is being harassed or discriminated against, there are steps in place to protect you. However, sometimes the use of a discrimination lawyer is the most effective way to resolve an issue with your employer. Before filing a claim, give the experts at Hershey Law a call. Often, we can help resolve problems quietly, effectively, and without the need for trial.


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