Did You Hear the Latest News About CA Whistleblower Protection?

As the top whistleblower attorney in California, the team at Hershey Law understands the imperative nature of staying on top of changes within the law, legal news, and current events. With this statement in mind, we are thrilled to provide you with information on recent expansions to the California Whistleblower Protection Act.


California Senate Committee Enhances the Whistleblower Protection Act

On Tuesday, April 12th, Senate Bill 947 was amended to expand protections to expand protections to contractors. Prior to the amendment, the California Whistleblower Protection Act protected:


  • State employees, 
  • University of California employees, 
  • California State University employees, 
  • court employees, 
  • applicants for such employment have made a protected disclosure against acts of reprisal, retaliation, threats, coercion, or other similar acts.


However, the bill also included one more group that was added In February 2022. At that time, the bill was revised and expanded to include private entities awarded no-bid contracts for $5 million and their employees. The more recent amendment on the 12th of April significantly increased this amount to $25 million. On April 19th, the amendment to SB947 passed unanimously by the Senate Judiciary Committee. 


What does this change mean for contractors working for the State of California?


While the current amendment continues to provide workplace protections to previously protected classes, it now encompasses a larger group of people. By increasing the contract amount, contractors and their employees working on larger projects now fall under the California Protection Act provisions as well. 

One of the main stories leading to this change involves a recent state contract with a laboratory providing COVID-19 testing results. When contractors spoke against the laboratory in response to failure to provide timely and adequate testing results, the contract was quickly dropped by the state. Being the size of the contract, these contractors (although within their right to ‘blow the whistle’), were quickly released of their duties. The company had no recourse because, monetarily, it was not protected by the law at that time.

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Understanding Your Rights

No matter what the situation is, doing the right thing can be extremely stressful.  While you are taking the morally correct step by ensuring the people guilty of illegal activity are held accountable, the fear of retaliation is a justified concern. However, you are protected – and now more than ever before.


Working with a whistleblower attorney, like those at Hershey Law, provides peace of mind and reassurance that your actions are truly the right ones to take. For more information on the recent changes to the California Protection Act or to schedule your free consultation with our team, please contact our office today at 818-722-9411.