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Has your employer failed to comply with federal or California wage and labor laws? Let us know!
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Does your employer owe you unpaid wages? Are you not being paid for overtime? Perhaps you are fighting for the wages you are entitled to receive? Hershey Law in Los Angeles offers a sympathetic ear and a deep understanding of employment law. Hour & Wage Attorneys in California represent workers facing discrimination, unfair wages, and much more.

Often, employers unknowingly and unintentionally violate federal wage laws. If you feel that you are facing federal wage violations, you may be entitled to compensation through a settlement. Additional to wage and hour laws, lunch break law violations commonly occur in California. Every employee is entitled to specific rest times, overtime payments, and fair payments.

Our team of highly experienced professionals are here to listen to your case, present you with facts, and represent you in a California court of law. Contact Hershey Law today for your free consultation and get what is rightfully owed.

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