Cómo un Abogado Especializado en Discriminación Puede Demostrar Su Caso de Empleo.

abogados de discriminacion

Si se encuentra buscando un abogado especializado en discriminación en Los Ángeles, lo más probable es que hay una excelente razón. Sin embargo, aunque tengas una buena razón, demostrar la discriminación en el lugar de trabajo puede ser un reto. ¿Por qué? Bueno, encontrar la evidencia para defender su reclamo a veces puede ser complicado. […]

Everything You Need to Know from the Eyes Of A Whistleblower Lawyer

whistleblower lawyer

Generally, most employees do not take on a job with the expectation of becoming a whistleblower. Working for a company, there is a duty of service to provide your employer in exchange for a paycheck and benefits as laid out upon the terms of employment. This service goes hand in hand with the understanding that […]

Discrimination Isn’t Just Cruel – It’s Illegal

While discrimination may have sadly been commonplace as recently as a decade ago, in modern society there are laws protecting individuals from this outdated practice. Those laws extend to the workplace, and, in fact, workplace discrimination can have severe consequences for the offender. Unfortunately, discrimination still happens, even with all of the procedures and protocols […]